Kenworth Presents The Truck That Works With Hydrogen !!!

The Vegas, has been the scene chosen by Kenworth to present in society its tractor T680, a model equipped with a fuel cell that runs on hydrogen and produces electricity by emitting only steam from its exhaust pipe. The vehicle is part of Zero Emission Cargo Transport (ZECT), a demonstration project managed by the state authority in charge of ensuring air quality in Southern California (SCAQMD). The electricity produced by the fuel cell can drive an electric motor to move the truck or can recharge the lithium-ion batteries to be used later.

The Kenworth T680

“The Kenworth T680 hydrogen battery is a reality,” said Stephan Olsen, production director of the US firm, who also stressed that the tests that the brand has done with this vehicle in the vicinity of Seattle “have come out very all right. The next step will be to do a test in real conditions with Total Transportation Services (TTSI) in the Port of Los Angeles and in Long Beach.

The truck powered by hydrogen battery will have an autonomy of 240 kilometers, which, as explained by the US manufacturer, “makes it an ideal option for short distance transport and port operations.” The vehicle, equipped with an engine that develops 565 hp that “behaves just as well, if not better, than the diesel trucks currently available in the market”, explained from Kenworth in a statement.

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